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ACTAGIS delivers trainings at University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne

Training the new generation in Cybersecurity, IT Governance, Business Continuity and Quality Management is our passionate commitment. Our Lead Trainer Jeff Primus, with 14 years of experience at University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne, contributes to the development of future leaders and innovators. At ACTAGIS, we value this contribution and are committed to continuing with excellence and integrity.

Course dates can be based on your requirements. Please contact us for the corresponding in-house or public session trainings, so that we can propose sessions taking into account your availability.

Risks impacting your Business Continuity

Your organization faces continuously a various number of threats …


… that can have severe impacts, such as

  • Loss of means of production
  • Loss of data
  • Delays in orders and failure to respond to requests of your customers
  • Termination of contracts
  • Disappointed and angry shareholders
  • Loss of reputation and confidence
  • Heavy liabilities and penalties
Be prepared.

Coronavirus : Business Continuity & remote working requires Cybersecurity

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, remote working has become the most widely implemented action to enable business continuity in our growingly service-oriented world. In consequence, the enterprises are opening more doors, tunnels and vulnerabilities to enable the information flow between the corporate datacenter and remote workers.

During this difficult period where enterprises are mainly focused on their survival, and where security is considered as a low priority topic, the frequency of cyber-attacks exploiting various vulnerabilities is increasing at an exponential rate. These attacks, coupled with the capacity limits of national, regional and worldwide technical infrastructures are seriously shaking the fundamentals of security in terms of information confidentiality, integrity and business continuity.

More than ever, the convergence of Business Continuity and Information Security is becoming a must to implement, in order to reduce the financial, operational, legal and reputational impacts of the cyber-threats.

Willing to share its expertise, ACTAGIS proposes some key security recommendations for remote working that will help you to strengthen the continuity of your activities.

ACTAGIS, was interviewed on this subject by RTS on March 27, 2020.

Coronavirus is seriously impacting businesses

Boosted by accelerated global exchanges, the Coronavirus is spreading very rapidly, with large scale effects also in Europe and Switzerland. Thanks to the widely developed healthcare system in these zones, we can imagine that the propagation of the virus will be decelerated. But, in the meantime, businesses have already begun to suffer from the pandemic situation. Experts in macroeconomy predict the gross domestic product (GDP) of the European zone to fall due to the direct and indirect impacts caused by the Coronavirus.

Business Continuity & the Coronavirus

Even if the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) should naturally be embedded in a normal business practice, most of the time only large enterprises have implemented it at a companywide level, leaving the small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) unprepared for such pandemic situations. According to the official 2019 statistics published by the Swiss government, 99% of economic power is based on SMEs, making the vast majority of businesses highly vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

In the context of such a pandemic crisis, SMEs should be prepared to cope with the major disruptions related to the availability of human resources, supply chains, market demands for products and services, business travel, treasury and cash-flow. Failure to activate prepared solutions for such scenarios can have major consequences for the enterprises’ survival.

ACTAGIS provides below a helpful guide for a pandemic plan that SMEs can apply in order to get ready, by implementing adequate measures enabling their continuity in the case of a pandemic situation.

“One of the major mistakes is, as you can imagine, not to be prepared, not to have a plan, not to test the plan. Because for all these steps, you need time,” said Jeff Primus, CEO of consulting firm ACTAGIS.

ACTAGIS, was interviewed on this subject by CNN Money 26 February 2020

Our Business Continuity Services

Business Continuity Policies and Plans

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Threat analysis

ACTAGIS’ proven methodology

Business Continuity (BC) Management Lifecycle

BCM Lifecycle

1 – Policy and Program Lifecycle

Helping you on the definition and the lifecycle of the BC policy that will give the right tone for the related program management initiatives.

2 – Business Continuity integration

Supporting you to integrate the BC strategies and activities to your business strategy and day to day operations in a natural and efficient way.

3 – Analyze

Collecting information related to the organizational context (Objectives, functional operation, constraints) making possible to determine how best to prepare your organization to manage disruptions which might otherwise seriously or fatally damage it.

4 – Design

Defining the Business Continuity strategies and tactics (BCM strategy selection & tactical responses).

5 – Implement

Producing the set of Business Continuity Plans by identifying the actions and the resources needed to manage an interruption whatever its cause, enabling a recovery to a position where normal business processes can continue.

6 – Validate and Maintain

Helping you to adapt the BC Management System to the evolving organization (people, processes, market, risk, environment, and geography and business strategy), so that your BC capability is current, accurate, complete, exercised, understood by all stakeholders and participants.

We train your people

Active involvement of internal and external staff speeds up the integration of BCM in the company culture.

We offer certified trainings in Business Continuity standards and frameworks.


ACTAGIS is the official partner of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) for Europe and Asia.

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ISO 22301

ACTAGIS is the official PECB partner and trainer in Switzerland and Europe.

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