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This 4-day training session allows mastery of globally recognized business continuity best practices. The course (including examination for the BCI Certificate) addresses the methodology that covers the whole life cycle of a continuity program, as outlined in the Good Practices Guidelines 2013 published by the BCI .

Check below to find the training course, including the certification exam, that suits you best!

Official BCI Certification

Official BCI Certification

ACTAGIS, as the official partner of the BCI for Europe and Asia, proposes learning and preparation classes for BCI certifications and provides the exams sessions.

We guarantee your exam success

We will support you until you pass the exam of the course in which you enrol (some conditions apply). We offer the official mock exams to help you prepare.

Real life project experience

Our trainers have extensive practical experience in implementing business continuity programs in large organizations and are certified ISO 22301 and MBCI.
Hands-on exercises

Hands-on exercises

The training is a combination of directly applicable theory, hands-on exercises, feedback from experience and class interaction.

Small classes

Small classes

The exchange of experience being crucial, our classes include a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 participants.

English and French

English and French

The course is available in English and in French.

What our clients are saying

At our BCI certification training, the trainer managed not only to cover perfectly the specific, certification-related topics but he also opened windows and connections to other standardization bodies. It was an excellent week enriching our knowledge broadly. Thank you!

-Christoph Teuber, Group Safety & Security Manager, Swiss Re

“I often find that you learn more from the experience of people in the room than anything in the training material and this was definitely the case at ACTAGIS. Jeff has a wealth of experience and he did an excellent job of adapting his delivery the training to the needs of the class.”

-Anthony Scarfe, Information Security Services Specialist

"Attending the GDPR - Certified Data Protection Officer – training provided by ACTAGIS was at the same time a challenge and a pleasure. The content was extremely interesting and provided by a highly skilled trainer. The setup of the classroom, the small group and the given material contributed to make it successful."

-Grégoire Ramuz - CIO, Transports publics fribourgeois

"Jeff Primus provided a great CISA training. His motivation, engagement and professionalism made the training really interesting and easy to understand. I enjoyed to take part in this training and would like to thank ACTAGIS for helping me to succeed the CISA exam."

-Melany Scherer, Global IT Audit - Compliance, Jet Aviation AG

"A great course and a serious levelling up with a good dive into the universe of CISA."

-Josselin Renard, IT Systems Auditor, UBS

“I thank ACTAGIS' BC-trainer for his professionalism and his motivation during this course which allowed me to obtain the CBCI certification. I recommend this training to anyone who wishes to strengthen and consolidate the topic of Business Continuity."

-Jean-Charles Coral, BC Manager, Nestlé Switzerland

“During all of the CISA, CBCI and ISO 27001 LI sessions, the consultant openly shared his insightful experiences, carefully listened to all of the participants’ most puzzling questions, remarks, criticisms… and gave precious explanations, recommendations and advice.”

-Savrak Sar, Head of IT, Haute école pédagogique

"Thank you for the great course. I did really enjoy it and got a lot of new insights and a much better understanding about what matters in a Business Continuity Management System"

-Dieter Gramberg, Business Continuity Manager, Novartis Pharma AG

"I thank the consultant for this ISO 27001 training. His pedagogy, technical expertise and long experience in the field make the difference and bring real added value. Course materials are of high quality and the exchanges throughout this training allowed me to assimilate the material and go beyond theory."

-Daniel Meier, Head Internal Audit, Vaudoise Assurances

“I had a great pleasure participating to the ISO 9001 Lead Implenter training provided by Jeff Primus from ACTAGIS. His engagement, professionalism, motivation and technical expertise gave me full satisfaction. Eeased by his ability of communication, I had no difficulties to assimilate the content of the course. Without any hesitation, I gladly recommend ACTAGIS to everyone who needs guidance for SMQ implementation projects.”

-Mehmed Cormehic, Continuous improvement project manager, GOLDEC SA

"I thank ACTAGIS, and especially Jeff Primus, for organizing the GDPR - Certified Data Protection Officer –training, which is very useful to me in the context of my professional activities and which I strongly recommend. Organizing trainings for a limited number of participants enables to take full advantage of the courses and to exchange interesting information more easily between professionals active in that domain”

-Chiara Tanteri - Vice-présidence pour les systèmes d’information, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

“ACTAGIS trainer has first hand experience in most the domains covered by the CISA program. This proved to be invaluable in making ISACA’s somewhat theoretical subjects very tangible and meaningful. Many thanks for this great step towards the CISA certification.”

-Tom Royston, CIO

"The Business Continuity (BC) course with ACTAGIS enabled me to consolidate and reinforce the knowledge related to the domain. A successful training that will help me to bring BC practices in my company at a higher professional level."

-Paulo Grilo, Directeur Etudes & Développements, TUI France

“The course was highly interesting. The tools for managing a Business Continuity Program were teached in a very descriptive and understandable way. I can recommend this course to everybody having a key position in a Business Continuity Program.”

-Philip Sauter, Business Continuity Manager, ISS Facility Services AG

Certification organisation

BCI - Business Continuity Institute

Certificate sample


BCI Certificae Sample

The training course duration is of 4 days and

  • Takes you through the BCM Lifecycle step by step, which sits at the heart of good BC practice
  • Provides practical insights into all aspects pertaining to the development, implementation and management of a BCM program within an organization through the use of case studies and real-life examples
  • Covers the six Professional Practices (PP) at Management and Technical Level that make up the BCM Lifecycle. Passing the examination provides you with the possibility of applying a statutory grade of the BCI.


  • The CBCI Certification Training Course is based on the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG), the independent body of knowledge for good Business Continuity (BC) practice and is aligned to ISO 22301, the global standard for BCM.
  • Aligned to ISO 22301, the international standard for BCM
  • Modular – six modules, based on one of the six Professional Practices that make up the BCM Lifecycle, which lies at the heart of good BC practice
  • Provides an accepted benchmark against which the technical and professional competency of BC professionals can be effectively measured and examined
  • Delivered by Approved BCI Instructors, all experienced BC professionals in their own right.
  • Discover and understand the best international practices in the field of business continuity management and in particular, the Good Practices Guidelines published by the BCI
  • Providing an overview of the various international standards for continuity, especially the recently published ISO 22301 standard
  • Preparing for the examination for the BCI Certificate
  • Teaches you not just the ‘what’ to do, but also the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of good BC practice
  • Equips you with the knowledge and understanding you require to be able to practice BC
  • Written by highly experienced BC professionals
  • Prepares you for the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) Examination
  • Provides practical insights to good BC practice and expertise by learning from some of the best BC professionals in the industry

The course is mostly aimed at the following profiles :

  • Any member of management who should be involved in business continuity or in charge of disaster or crisis situations
  • Any participant or contributor to a continuity program

The subject matter expert addresses the following modules :

Module 1 – Policy and Program Management (PP1)

Policy and Programme Management PP that is at the start of the BCM Lifecycle. This stage of the Lifecycle defines the organizational policy relating to BC and how that policy will be implemented, controlled and validated through a BCM programme.

Module 2 – Embedding Business Continuity (PP2)

Embedding Business Continuity, which is the PP that continually seeks to integrate BC into day-to-day business activities and organizational culture.

Module 3 – Analysis (PP3)

Analysis stage of the BCM lifecycle that reviews and assesses an organization in terms of what its objectives are, how it functions and the constraints of the environment in which it operates.

Module 4 – Design (PP4)

Design stage of the BCM Lifecycle that identifies and selects appropriate strategies and tactics to determine how continuity and recovery from disruption will be achieved.

Module 5 – Implementation (PP5)

Implementation stage of the BCM lifecycle that executes the agreed strategies and tactics through the process of developing the BCP.

Module 6 – Validation (PP6)

Validation stage of the BCM lifecycle that confirms that the BCM Program meets the objectives set in the BC Policy and that the organization’s BCP is fit for purpose.


Courses with guaranteed dates
are highlighted in green
(subject to availability)

BCI (Switzerland)

Upcoming courses

23jan(jan 23)09:0026(jan 26)17:00FeaturedBCILausanne - Switzerland

30jan(jan 30)09:0002feb(feb 2)16:30BCIBasel - Switzerland

13feb(feb 13)09:0016(feb 16)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

13mar(mar 13)09:0016(mar 16)16:30BCIBasel - Switzerland

20mar(mar 20)09:0023(mar 23)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

17apr09:0020(apr 20)16:30BCIBasel - Switzerland

24apr(apr 24)09:0027(apr 27)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

15may(may 15)09:0018(may 18)16:30BCIBasel - Switzerland

29may(may 29)09:0001jun(jun 1)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

12jun(jun 12)09:0015(jun 15)16:30BCIBasel - Switzerland

26jun(jun 26)09:0029(jun 29)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

28aug(aug 28)09:0031(aug 31)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

04sep(sep 4)09:0007(sep 7)16:30BCIBasel - Switzerland

25sep(sep 25)09:0028(sep 28)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

30oct(oct 30)09:0002nov(nov 2)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

06nov(nov 6)09:0009(nov 9)16:30BCIBasel - Switzerland

20nov(nov 20)09:0023(nov 23)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

11dec(dec 11)09:0014(dec 14)17:00BCILausanne - Switzerland

BCI (France)

Upcoming courses

30jan(jan 30)09:0002feb(feb 2)16:30FeaturedBCIParis - France

13mar(mar 13)09:0016(mar 16)16:30BCIParis - France

17apr09:0020(apr 20)16:30BCIParis - France

15may(may 15)09:0018(may 18)16:30BCIParis - France

12jun(jun 12)09:0015(jun 15)16:30BCIParis - France

04sep(sep 4)09:0007(sep 7)16:30BCIParis - France

06nov(nov 6)09:0009(nov 9)16:30BCIParis - France

BCI (Turkey)

Upcoming courses

13mar(mar 13)09:0016(mar 16)16:30BCIIstanbul - Turkey

15may(may 15)09:0018(may 18)16:30BCIIstanbul - Turkey

06nov(nov 6)09:0009(nov 9)16:30BCIIstanbul - Turkey


Exam pass rate

Up To Date

The “Actagis Guarantee” means that we will support you until you pass the exam of the course in which you enrol. Some limitations apply. See conditions.

You will be well prepared for the exam. Counting all our students, 98.3% have been successful.

All our courses are up to date. They have been adapted to the latest changes of the different exams. We are in constant contact with each certification organisation.

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