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IS governance, audit, control and security

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IS governance, audit, control and security

CISA is the only globally recognized certification in the fields of IS governance, audit, control and security. It has earned a great reputation internationally for many years, as it sets a high and consistent standard worldwide.

The CISA Job Practice Area consists of five “domains”, 38 “tasks” and 80 “knowledge statements”. Because the different tasks refer to the relevant COBIT processes, COBIT is an integral part of the CISA training and certification.

This training is organized by ACTAGIS in collaboration with Swiss Chapter of ISACA (

Official BCI Certification

Official CISA ISACA Training

ACTAGIS, as the official and exclusive partner of the ISACA Swiss Chapter in the French part of Switzerland, proposes learning and preparation classes for all ISACA certifications (also worldwide for in-house trainings).

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We will support you until you pass the exam of the course in which you enroll (some conditions apply). We offer the official mock exams to help you prepare.

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Our attention to detail, staying up to date, all reflect our commitment to quality. Our trainers bring real-life project experience in implementing frameworks and programs in large organizations.

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Most of our training programs include a supplementary free online consulting session to help you implement your project in your organisation.

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To ensure that our courses are available to all sizes of companies, we practice competitive pricing.

English and French

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Our courses are delivered in a traditional classroom setting, as well as live online with an instructor. Certain courses are also available in a self-study format.

Modular approach

The course is presented in two modules:

  • Module 1 is a detailed 10 day course covering all CISA material
  • Module 2 (Exam Bootcamp) is a 4 day exam preparation session (participation to Module 2 can also be done without participating to Module 1)

What our clients are saying

“Thank you for the great course. I did really enjoy it and got a lot of new insights and a much better understanding about what matters in a Business Continuity Management System”Dieter Gramberg, Business Continuity Manager, Novartis Pharma AG

“The course was highly interesting. The tools for managing a Business Continuity Program were teached in a very descriptive and understandable way. I can recommend this course to everybody having a key position in a Business Continuity Program.”Philip Sauter, Business Continuity Manager, ISS Facility Services AG

“I often find that you learn more from the experience of people in the room than anything in the training material and this was definitely the case at ACTAGIS. Jeff has a wealth of experience and he did an excellent job of adapting his delivery the training to the needs of the class.”Anthony Scarfe, Information Security Services Specialist

“Jeff Primus provided a great CISA training. His motivation, engagement and professionalism made the training really interesting and easy to understand. I enjoyed to take part in this training and would like to thank ACTAGIS for helping me to succeed the CISA exam.”Melany Scherer, Global IT Audit – Compliance, Jet Aviation AG

“I thank ACTAGIS, and especially Jeff Primus, for organizing the GDPR – Certified Data Protection Officer –training, which is very useful to me in the context of my professional activities and which I strongly recommend. Organizing trainings for a limited number of participants enables to take full advantage of the courses and to exchange interesting information more easily between professionals active in that domain”Chiara Tanteri – Vice-présidence pour les systèmes d’information, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

“Attending the GDPR – Certified Data Protection Officer – training provided by ACTAGIS was at the same time a challenge and a pleasure. The content was extremely interesting and provided by a highly skilled trainer. The setup of the classroom, the small group and the given material contributed to make it successful.”Grégoire Ramuz – CIO, Transports Publics Fribourgeois

“Very intense and worthwhile training. The trainer based his teaching on an excellent knowledge of the GDPR regulation, but also on his hands-on experiences enabling real-life and concrete cases. I recommend this training to anyone dealing with the protection of the personal data within his company “Stéphane Butty – DPO Group – 5àSec

“The way how we went through CBCI from policy to validation via practical examples was inspiring. Jeff’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable approach to BC area and ability to promote discussions really expanded understanding of this topic. Now I think that I have good tools to practice. Thank you Jeff!”Miska Riihimäki – Senior Risk Manager – OP Insurance Ltd

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Certificate sample

CISA Cetificate Sample

Module 1

A detailed 10 day course

In this module, we will go through all CISA themes, in a detailed manner. This module contains:

  • Theoretical and conceptual sections
  • Case studies
  • Tests by theme
  • Group work
  • Interactive sessions

Module 1 is mostly aimed at the following profiles :

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • IT Auditors
  • IT project manager

Module 1 of this course is subdivided into 8 chapters, covering all CISA Job Practice Areas in details, by going through the following chapters:

  • Introduction (1 day): ISACA, CISA Job Practice Areas, course concept, learning technique, personal study
  • Basics (2 days): IT risk management & ICS (Internal Control System), IT governance
  • Application lifecycle (1 day): Project management, software development, integration, security, user controls
  • IT audit (2 days): IT audit standards and methods, test plan and execution, reporting
  • Organisational security (1 day): Economic & IT criminality, risk analysis, cultural aspects of security, awareness-training
  • Technical security (1 day): Physical security, IT protection against fire, telecommunication security, encryption
  • Incident management (1 day): Incident management, IT Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  • Operations and service management (1 day): Operational IT organization, ITIL & Service Management, ISO20000


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Course dates can be based on your requirements. Please contact us for the corresponding in-house or public session trainings, so that we can propose sessions taking into account your availability.

Module 2 – Exam Bootcamp

A 4 day exam preparation session

The CISA certification demonstrates your knowledge and experience in Information Systems Auditing, Control, and Security. This is a qualification that is globally recognized as a mark of excellence for the IS audit professional.

This certification benefits you as well as your employer:

For employees:

  • Confirms knowledge and experience of IS auditing and security
  • Provides a competitive advantage to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Validates your experience and knowledge in the field
  • Markets and quantifies expertise
  • Competitive advantage over peers
  • Credibility in the job market
  • High professional standard
  • High salary

For employers:

  • Gives the assurance that your employees are highly qualified professionals in their field
  • Provides your business with credibility, as clients will recognize the expertise which CISA demonstrates
  • Ensures your enterprise is up to date with the latest auditing standards, due to the re-certification requirement every three years

Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) is a globally acknowledged certification, which builds upon the previous experience of IS professionals. The course delivers exceptional knowledge of Information Systems Auditing, Control, and Security.

The first three days of the course consist of an intensive and systematic review of all tasks within the CISA Job Practice Area. Here the aspects which are important from the examination perspective are presented, without going into the details of each task, which is why some level of expertise is required. Those who would like to study all CISA tasks in detail should join our advanced course.

Following the initial phase, a realistic test examination is organized (in English). After this test exam, we will discuss the results during the last day of the training.

The domains covered by this certification are:

  1. Information Systems Auditing Process
  2. Governance and Management of IT
  3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  4. Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience
  5. Protection of Information Assets

Each domain is quite extensive, covering several topics, which, all combined, provide the full coverage of the given domain. This intensive training course is delivered by exceptional, experienced CISA trainers, over the course of just four days, covering all theoretical, as well as practical, hands-on aspects. Each domain is detailed below:

Domain 1: Information Systems Auditing Process (21%)

Providing audit services in accordance with standards to assist organizations in protecting and controlling information systems. Domain 1 affirms your credibility to offer conclusions on the state of an organization’s IS/IT security, risk and control solutions.

A. Planning

  1. IS Audit Standards, Guidelines, and Codes of Ethics
  2. Business Processes
  3. Types of Controls
  4. Risk-Based Audit Planning
  5. Types of Audits and Assessments

B. Execution

  1. Audit Project Management
  2. Sampling Methodology
  3. Audit Evidence Collection Techniques
  4. Data Analytics
  5. Reporting and Communication Techniques
  6. Quality Assurance and Improvement of the Audit Process

Domain 2: Governance and Management of IT (17%)

Domain 2 confirms to stakeholders your abilities to identify critical issues and recommend enterprise-specific practices to support and safeguard the governance of information and related technologies.

A. IT Governance

  1. IT Governance and IT Strategy
  2. IT-Related Frameworks
  3. IT Standards, Policies, and Procedures
  4. Organizational Structure
  5. Enterprise Architecture
  6. Enterprise Risk Management
  7. Maturity Models
  8. Laws, Regulations, and Industry Standards affecting the Organization

B. IT Management

  1. IT Resource Management
  2. IT Service Provider Acquisition and Management
  3. IT Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  4. Quality Assurance and Quality Management of IT

Domain 3: Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation (12%)

A. Information Systems Acquisition and Development

  1. Project Governance and Management
  2. Business Case and Feasibility Analysis
  3. System Development Methodologies
  4. Control Identification and Design

B. Information Systems Implementation

  1. Testing Methodologies
  2. Configuration and Release Management
  3. System Migration, Infrastructure Deployment, and Data Conversion
  4. Post-implementation Review

Domain 4: Information Systems Operations and Business resilience (23%)

Domains 3 and 4 offer proof not only of your competency in IT controls, but also your understanding of how IT relates to business.

A. Information Systems Operations

  1. Common Technology Components
  2. IT Asset Management
  3. Job Scheduling and Production Process Automation
  4. System Interfaces
  5. End-User Computing
  6. Data Governance
  7. Systems Performance Management
  8. Problem and Incident Management
  9. Change, Configuration, Release, and Patch Management
  10. IT Service Level Management
  11. Database Management

B. Business Resilience

  1. Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  2. System Resiliency
  3. Data Backup, Storage, and Restoration
  4. Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  5. Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)

Domain 5: Protection of Information Assets:

Cybersecurity now touches virtually every information systems role, and understanding its principles, best practices and pitfalls is a major focus within Domain 5.

 A. Information Asset Security and Control

  1. Information Asset Security Frameworks, Standards, and Guidelines
  2. Privacy Principles
  3. Physical Access and Environmental ControlsIdentity and Access Management
  4. Network and End-Point Security
  5. Data Classification
  6. Data Encryption and Encryption-Related Techniques
  7. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  8. Web-Based Communication Techniques
  9. Virtualized Environments
  10. Mobile, Wireless, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Devices

B. Security Event Management

  1. Security Awareness Training and Programs
  2. Information System Attack Methods and Techniques
  3. Security Testing Tools and Techniques
  4. Security Monitoring Tools and Techniques
  5. Incident Response Management
  6. Evidence Collection and Forensics

Building on pre-course preparation work, we will go through all the CISA domains and conclude the course with a realistic test examination followed by an evaluation and discussions. With the appropriate level of personal preparation, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to pass the CISA exam. Our aim is to optimally prepare you for this challenging test, by going through the Job Practice Area and by offering a realistic test exam.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop and implement a risk-based IT audit strategy in compliance with IT audit standards
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an IT governance structure
  • Ensure that the IT organizational structure and human resources (personnel) management support the organization’s strategies and objectives
  • Review the information security policies, standards, and procedures for completeness and alignment with generally accepted practices

This training is intended to professionals who have already IT experience. It is recommended for the participants to have a detailed knowledge of the CISA Job Practice Area and having read through the CISA Review Manual prior to taking the course and, ideally, to have several years of professional experience in different areas of IT.

The CISA exam preparation course is aimed at all persons who deal with the governance, audit or security of information systems, such as:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Security Officers
  • Compliance Officers
  • IT Auditors
  • IT project managers
  • IT managers
  • IT operations officers
  • Security consultants
  • Consultants and project managers

Participants wishing to achieve CISA certification must meet the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of the CISA exam
  • At least 5 years of experience in information security
  • Comply with ISACA’s «Information Systems Auditing Standards»
  • Agree to the «Continuing Education Policy»

The CISA exam is booked separately through ISACA.

It lasts 4 hours (240 minutes) and contains 150 multiple-choice questions.

The cost is US$ 575 for ISACA members and US$ 760 for non-members.

Our instructors are all certified professionals, who bring with them over 20 years of field experience in the domain of IT security.

Our course can be given in English and in French, and includes realistic exam simulations (in English).

This is an intensive 4-days course for advanced participants who have already gone through the CISA Job Practice Area and the CISA Review Manual.


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08mayAll Day11CISA - M2 - Exam BootcampIN-CLASSROOM - Geneva / Lausanne-Switzerland / ONLINE - Live Interactive

12junAll Day15CISA - M2 - Exam BootcampIN-CLASSROOM - Lausanne-Switzerland / ONLINE - Live Interactive

The training is a combination of directly applicable theory, hands-on exercises, feedback from experience and class interaction.


Exam pass rate

You will be well prepared for the exam. Counting all our students, almost 100% have been successful.

Up To Date

All our courses are up to date. They have been adapted to the latest changes of the different exams. We are in constant contact with each certification organisation.

The training is a combination of directly applicable theory, hands-on exercises, feedback from experience and class interaction.

You will be well prepared for the exam. Counting all our students, almost 100% have been successful.

All our courses are up to date. They have been adapted to the latest changes of the different exams. We are in constant contact with each certification organisation.

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