Delivering through the pandemic


The BCI is committed to providing high-quality education and training in business continuity & resilience. To accomplish this goal, The BCI relies on a global network of carefully selected Licensed Training Partners (LTPs) which deliver BCI training courses – including the CBCI Certification C­­­ourse and 1&2 Day courses – across the world.

Over the last couple of years, the pandemic has challenged organizations across all industry sectors, forcing them to adapt to a new world and a new operational regimes in order to stay in business. The BCI and its LTPs were not exempt from this: the BCI had to rethink the way training courses were delivered as well as adapting to the increasing demand for business continuity training and then work with LTPs to execute delivery.

In this fast changing environment, most LTPs showcased impeccable levels of resilience by quickly adapting their training services. In less than three months, they were able to transition their in-class courses to online – via a variety of different webinar platforms. Sam Howard, CEO at Continuity Shop (based in the UK), explained, “we moved to daily online crisis updates and obtained software to enable us to communicate online and assess the changes that would be required to deliver online services.” He also added, “the BCI kept in constant contact with us and our top management team communicated daily with staff to migrate our training delivery to online. This involved training sessions and rehearsals to understand the best way to meet the requirements of the BCI and to maintain our quality of service to our customers. Rehearsals took place online with head office and quality checks took place with BCI Education.”

Each LTP training course ran at the same dates and times, were led by an approved BCI Instructor and attendees were still able to interact and network. LTPs were able to deliver the exact same learning experience, but from the comfort and safety of students’ homes or other safe locations. Jeff Primus, founder & owner of ACTAGIS (based in Switzerland), mentioned that his company had run online courses for many years and the key for their success was to “prepare our candidates for the transition [from in class to online]”. Jeff also added that all their efforts were put “to satisfy our customers and prepare them before the training sessions so that they could dive in the new context without difficulty.”


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